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Xiaomi 13 Ultra will soon get a new version

May 06, 2023 Chathura Prabhashwara News 123 hits

Xiaomi 13 Ultra will soon get a new version

Xiaomi 13 Ultra will soon get a new version

Recently, there has been a lot of buzz surrounding Xiaomi's flagship smartphone, the Xiaomi 13 Ultra, and its MIUI firmware. According to sources, Xiaomi has at least three more color variants ready for the phone. Namely Chixia Orange, Ginkgo Yellow and Starry Sky Blue. This is big news for Xiaomi 13 Ultra fans. And that's because the phone was presented only in white, black and green when it was launched.


The founder and CEO of Xiaomi, Lei Jun, as well as the company's president, Lu Weibing, reached out to fans and asked them what colors they prefer for the Xiaomi 13Ultra. This suggests the announcement of new color variants of the phone soon.


It's worth noting that the 13 Ultra model is currently only available in China. However, Xiaomi has confirmed that the model will be launched worldwide. With the upcoming release of new color variants, fans around the world can look forward to more options to customize their smartphone.

Adding Chixia Orange, Ginkgo Yellow and Starry Sky Blue to the Xiaomi13 Ultra's color lineup is a smart move by the company. Consumers are known to like more color options. And this move could attract more customers to Xiaomi's flagship smartphone.

Overall, Xiaomi is introducing new color variants for its flagship smartphone named 13 Ultra. As we already wrote, the new colors are Chixia Orange, Ginkgo Yellow and Starry Sky Blue. The addition of these colors is intended to satisfy different customer preferences. Xiaomi values ​​and listens to the opinions of its customers.

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