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Xiaomi is testing MIUI 15 for Redmi K70 phones

Sep 27, 2023 Chathura Prabhaswara Gamage News 482 hits

Xiaomi is testing MIUI 15 for Redmi K70 phones

Xiaomi is testing MIUI 15 for Redmi K70 phones

Xiaomi, or rather its subsidiary Redmi, is preparing new Redmi K series phones for the end of this year. It probably goes without saying that these are three K70 models. In the series we can find the standard model, the K70 Pro model and also the K70E model. The manufacturer will first introduce the phones on the Chinese market and, given that they will run on the Android 14 operating system , it will also be supplemented by a new version of the superstructure, MIUI 15.


Before the new version of the extension reaches the phones, it goes through several stages of testing. And that's what 's happening right now, according to the Xiaomiui site . Xiaomi is testing MIUI 15 based on Android 14 in the latest internal builds MIUI-V15.0.0.2.UNLCNXM, MIUI-V15.0.0.2.UNKCNXM and MIUI-V15.0.0.1.UNMCNXM. Chinese ROM tests are conducted on phones codenamed 23117RK66C, 2311DRK48C and 23113RKC6C, which are the Redmi K70 Pro, K70 and K70E models.

 Redmi K70 MIUI 15

Xiaomi has assigned a different processor to each of these phones. The Pro model will get Snapdragon 8 Gen2. The standard model is equipped with Snapdragon 8 Gen2 and the K70E model has a Dimensity 9200+ chipset. These are really powerful processors with a fast response, and therefore it is important to debug the new superstructure as well. The superstructure update will bring users a new user interface, better stability and higher security.

 Redmi K70 MIUI 15

The release of the Redmi K70 series phones is still a long way off, but even so, tipsters are already interested in them. In addition, the K70 Pro has already passed the Geekbench benchmark tests, which confirmed the Snapdragon 8 Gen3 processor, the Android 14 operating system and 16 GB of RAM. Furthermore, tipsters expect Xiaomi to improve the photo equipment and even speculate about four improved sensors of the main camera. But what, according to tipsters, the phones lack this year is support for wireless charging. In any case, these are only estimates at the moment, which Xiaomi has neither confirmed nor denied.

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